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Smoke Security devices are designed to force the intruder out of your premises and prevent them from taking your goods or property and can be used as a standalone system or linked to your existing Alarm system.

Our devices can be connected to your existing intruder alarm system. Once the alarm system detects a break-in to your premises, the device produces an extremely fog that is immediately spread throughout the area. Within seconds the intruder is completely disoriented and immediately need to leave your premises.

The fog acts to force the intruder out the way he or she came in. Once triggered the SECURITY FOG is so thick you can’t see more that an arm’s length and that is during broad daylight. If it is at night and the intruder has a torch the light will simply reflect off the thick fog.

Smoke security fog leaves no residue and is completely harmless. It will not affect clothing, furnishings and electrical equipment.

smoke security
smoke security
smoke security

Smoke Security protect your
business from unwanted intruders

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