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Is the security systems smoke harmful?

NO. It is not real fog – it is a glycol vapour and is harmless. Our security consultants can supply you with a report which analyses this in great detail, and copies are available. A Health & Safety Data sheet is also available. NB. A similar substance is also used in theatres and discos.

Can I breathe the fog?

Yes. It is not real smoke – it is a glycol vapour and is harmless.

How do I turn on/arm security systems?

Smoke Security anti-theft devices connect permanently to the mains supply and are triggered into operation by the system or sensors. Arming and disarming of security systems are therefore controlled by the alarm system or key switch.

For how long does the smoke pump out?

The Smoke Security system is controlled by a timer / Cloaksensor combination which ensures correct initial fill of the room, which typically takes 30-40seconds. If the density of the vapour drops the anti-theft devices will reactivate maintaining protection. Smoke Security are also fitted with a run-time timer which limits how long a machine can produce vapour after alarm activation. The timer has two ranges, 5-25 minutes and 1-3 minutes and is factory-set at 15 minutes.

How long does the fog remain?

Approximately 45 minutes is typical if the room is unventilated and at normal temperature (ie.20ºC)

How do you recommend the fog is extracted?

After turning off the alarm system, doors and windows can be opened to create a through-draught which will, depending upon the amount of ventilation, reduce the fog so that you can easily move about in less than 20 minutes. The fog should always be evacuated after activation.

Will the Fog affect PC`s, hard drives, laser printers, etc?

NO. Documented and Independent tests have proven all electrical equipment and computers are not affected by the Fog.

What happens if the security alarm systems are accidentally triggered?

Smoke Security will only operate when the security alarm systems or sensors instructs it to do so. However, when the alarm system is un-set (i.e. during the day) several internal circuits prevents the Smoke Security operating on its own – even if the alarm system malfunctions.

What percentage of robberies are committed before assistance arrives?

85% – With Smoke Security systems you can be safe knowing that the thief will be caught empty handed.

What happens if an intruder puts something over the anti-theft devices?

This could reduce the effectiveness of the Smoke Security. However, as it is self-protecting and will normally be sited either out of normal reach or far from an access point any intruder would be trying to “shut the gate after the horse has bolted!” Casual attempts at suppressing the fog are also difficult due to temperature (as the nozzle is hot!) and high pressure of the vapour.

How many times can Smoke Security operate on one container of fluid?

It takes 0.45cc of fluid to make 1m3 of vapour. The amount of activations will therefore depend on:

  1. Machine
  2. Room Size
  3. Fluid bottle being used.

The Smoke Security can therefore activate a number of times on a single bottle of fluid. A sensor in the fluid bottle will tell the alarm control panel or mimic panel if it is ‘low fluid’ or if it is out of fluid ‘no fluid’.

What is the shelf-life of the fluid?

5 years (sealed) and 18 months from opening. We recommend, however, that the bottle is changed at the annual service visit. Fluids from different batches should not be mixed.

Will the Smoke Security operate in the event of a mains failure?

Yes – battery back-up is standard on the Thousand Series of machines. The control circuits and pumps (in the event of activation) are backed up but not the main heater. If the mains power is cut the temperature of the heater block assembly slowly drops and so the maximum fog production capability reduces, but the system will still provide protection for at least 30 – 60 minutes.

Does the Smoke Security operate when protection is not required?

The Smoke Security system is designed to be automatically disabled when the alarm system is disarmed.

Does air conditioning affect the cloaking operation?

YES. Air conditioning systems can help to circulate the ‘fog’ and thus increase the efficiency of the cloaking process.

Will the fog damage clothing?

NO. It is totally safe and provided it is installed and maintained correctly it will not cause any damage.